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Online Poster Session

Young Reseachers in

PDEs and Geometric Analysis

08 April 2021


Online Poster Session
08 April 2021
14 h, (UTC +1),
Be aware of recent shifts (or non-shifts) to summer time. The event takes place at:
7am (Austin, TX, USA), 2 pm (London, UK),
3pm (Paris, France), 6:30pm (New Delhi, India), 10pm (Tokyo, Japan),... 

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To help young researchers stay connected during the coronavirus pandemic, we host a poster session via All researchers are welcome to join us, meet friends and exchange ideas. Here is a list of the posters.

The deadline to apply for poster presentations has passed. Nevertheless, feel invited to join our event. 

Organizers: Peter Gladbach (Bonn University), Sven Jarohs (Frankfurt University), Marius Müller (Freiburg University) 

The Conference

Submit a Poster


Please apply until 28 Febuary 2021 to present a poster. Send an e-mail to containing the following information

  • Your name

  • Your e-mail

  • Your affiliation

  • Your PhD advisor(s) (if any)

  • Tentative title of your poster

  • Any further questions or remarks

You do not need to have a poster completed by this deadline.


Please send in a pdf file of your poster by 31 March 2021. By submitting a poster you grant the organizers the permission to upload the poster in sciebo, a secure cloud storage system operated by Bonn University. You grant the participants the right to access the posters via password shared through the mailing list.


Your poster will be assigned an area in the virtual space. In this area you can share your screen with the poster and everybody who joins you can talk to you and see the poster. Of course you can also walk into other areas to meet with other people and see other posters. Your poster will then still be available for the participants via the sciebo platform.

You can also (voluntarily) give a short pop-up presentation broadcasted during the event. This will give you a 1-minute time slot to introduce yourself and your poster to (almost) all participants.


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